Sunday, 8 November 2015

8th November

Not much done in the garden today.

Last night I went scavenging and came home with two garbage bags full of leaf litter that I spread in the front garden and two tyres that I will use in the retaining wall. I found a place where there is possibly years worth of leaf litter pushed up against a fence. I filled the two bags without moving from the one spot. I wont bore with more photos of just adding mulch, it pretty much looks the same.

The tyres come from another location. The mechanic leaves them outside his workshop and vandals throw them all over the streets near me so I have started collecting them for my garden.

I've also found a building site that has a large pile of bricks destined for rubbish that I will start collecting soon. I want to create some stepping stones through the garden and I may use bricks for these.

There will be roadside collection in my area in a few weeks, looking forward to seeing what I can recycle in my garden.

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