Wednesday, 4 November 2015


My gardens look terrible! They've been sadly neglected for at least 2 years. My neighbour tells me that they used to be quite nice but that the house owner liked his lawn. As for me, I hate lawns, I see them as a waste of money and water. I can see the value if someone has kids and wants somewhere for them to play but that doesn't apply to me.

I have a few concepts that I want to use in my garden:

1. Waterwise! Most important aspect of a garden in Australia.

2. I'm trying to create a nice, functional garden for as little cost as possible. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a rental property. Recycling will play a large role in what is used in the garden.

3. I want the plants to be functional. Flowers are pretty but I'm not that type of gardener. My plan is to have an area that has native plants to attract local wildlife and another area that is for vegetables. I'm also researching Bush Tukka plants that can be grown and used.

4. I will try to raise most plants from seeds or cuttings to keep costs down.

5. Everything needs to be either easy to remove or able to be left behind. While I'd love to build and attach things to the house, I simply can't do that so some planning will be needed.

6. Companion planning to avoid using chemicals.

7. Composting, mulching and recycling.

 I know almost nothing about gardening  or building so I will be researching and learning through trial-and-error as I go.

Some of the things I have planned are:
- a retaining wall made from tyres, filled in with compost and planted.
- raising the level of the garden behind the wall using green waste and compost.
- covering the area between the fence and side of the house to create a shaded patio and cut down on the glare into the kitchen.
- a hanging garden using recycled drink bottles.
- a vegetable patch broken into smaller sections for crop rotation, behind the retaining wall
- low fencing around the fruit trees to keep the dog away
- pulling up the large bougainvillea, once other flowering trees are established nearby.
- removal of the bougainvillea in the front garden - this one is blocking all the light to the front room, growing through the window screen and crowding out the other plants.
- big plan is to make a greenhouse using recycled materials.
- reticulation system throughout the garden

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