Thursday, 5 November 2015

31st October

Cut a 4m growth from the lemon tree that was from the stock of the plant. It has large prickles and bears no fruit so I chopped it down. The nutrients for the plant are better used for fruit bearing.

Large rosemary bush, the lemon tree and the space where the small bougainvillea was.

Chopped down the smaller bougainvillea next to the lemon tree and will break it down further for mulch.

Lemon tree and bougainvillea after they'd been cut down. The lemon cutting goes all the way to the blue drainpipe.

Trimmed the large Bougainvillea and left the trimmings to die to use later as mulch.

I can now walk through here without being scratched! Mandarin tree visable against the fence.

There's a lot more to be done in the garden, this is just day 1 :)

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