Thursday, 5 November 2015

1st November

I started trimming the bougainvillea in the front yard. I hate bougainvillea! With this one, and the others already chopped down, I am taking care to rescue any long, straight sticks to use in the garden for staking. The rest is being mulched or composted.

I cut off the dead flower heads from the roses. Now is not the time of year to prune them so they will stay as they are until it is a better time. We are coming into summer now and I don't want to stress them too much.

Cutting away a small part of the bougainvillea has already opened that area up and allowed light into the room behind it. I want to steam clean those carpets and move my desk in but wasn't looking forward to studying in a cave. Looking forward to being able to use this room. Hopefully the bottle brush near the window will encourage birds to come in.

This garden needs work but will have to wait for more suitable weather.

I also swept up all the leaves from behind the shed and have dumped them into this garden for mulch. Half of it is covered already, will add some more as I get some.

The bougainvillea in the front garden, as well as an asparagus fern that has already been removed, were growing through the screen on the window and provinding nice little homes for spiders.

All this will be removed, allowing light into the room.

I started the retaining wall and land fill in the back yard. Each tyre is filled with grass clippings and more green waste will be added as it breaks down. I'm lucky that this garden seems to have a lot of earthworms so things break down quickly. The carpet is over the other green waste to help it to break down quicker. There is also cardboard there, I know this attracts snails but that doesn't bother me for the moment, they will leave fertiliser behind as they eat the cardboard.

Green waste landfill started.

My neighbour was nice enough to give me a cutting of mint which I have now planted along with some oregano and thyme cuttings. All have makeshift greenhouses over them to encourage growth. They will be moved later to larger pots, maybe even the hanging garden.

Herbs have been started!

I'm quite happy with the progress so far and nothing has died yet  :D

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