Sunday, 8 November 2015

7th November

Some work done in the garden today. It was nice, overcast weather so I got out there and moved a few things around.

I found an old carpet waiting for verge collection and dragged it home. I decided it was time to try to move the compost bin since it seems to have become a bit dormant. After lifting it up, I noticed that it was barely composting so I moved it all over to the fill area and covered it with the carpet. As I was raking the last little bit, I noticed that there were some earthworms there so I put the bin back down over it and have started that compost again. Lesson learnt about what not to do in the compost so time to start it again.

Make me a Supermodel!

The cats are enjoying the carpet, my black cat likes to use it as a scratching post and the old tabby likes to curl up on the darker mat, I guess it is warm for her.

I'm ready for my closeup!

I dug up the root to the bougaivillea - man, what a job that was! Took a lot of work and bent my fork but it's finally out. Hopefully all the roots are out and it wont grow again.

I also attacked the rosemary, I want to encourage it to grow up rather than out so I am heavily trimming back at the sides and not so much on the top. I may end up putting something around it to keep it growing upwards.

Can you even see where I took out the branches?

Lots of drying to be done!

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